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About Us

Arts Alliance Media's UK Cinema Services team have been working with digital cinema since its inception over 10 years ago. From being among the first to install commercial 2K projectors to fitting out some of the UK's leading cinemas, we pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and excellent industry relationships.

Our Experience

A Little History...

Our engineers have been working with cinema since the pre-digital era, running and servicing 35mm and 70mm cinemas.  

When digital cinema was introduced, we began gaining experience with all DLP projectors and playback server technologies, starting with 1.3K DLP cinema with its many different servers.

As 2K digital cinema arrived, we were at the cutting-edge and were behind several digital cinema firsts, including:

  • The first demo of 2K projection in central London (at what was then The Other Cinema)
  • The first 2K projection to the public (at Birmingham Screen Festival)
  • The first JPEG2000 DCI specification content and screening support for the first digital 3D screenings in London's West End
  • Rolling out the world's first national digital cinema network - the UK Film Council's Digital Screen Network (DSN)

Since then we have deployed cinema chains all over the world and have trained projectionists, managers and even several UK cinema engineers on digital cinema technology.

We continue to offer all levels of support to cinemas across the UK, bringing the highest possible levels of quality and expertise at affordable prices.

QuVIS cinema server

QuVIS: the first cinema servers widely deployed in the UK


Pre-build of digital cinema equipment for the Digital Screen Network

Pre-build of Digital Screen Network Equipment at AAM workshops


Support at the Bradford Film Festival

Film festival support at the Bradford Film Festival


Where We Cover

We currently have 5 digital cinema engineers covering sites across the whole of the UK with a 7-day service - from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland down to southern Devon. 


 Our Partners 

  • Media Lease - finance solutions for your cinema
  • Cambridge Film Trust - event hires
  • LANsat
  • Datasat
  • Christie
  • Dolby
  • IntegPG
  • Calibre
  • LW Speakers
  • and many more....

Past Projects

We are proud to have been involved in cinema fit-out projects with some of the UK's leading sites, including:

Picturehouse Central, Crouch End Picturehouse, East Dulwich Picturehouse, Komedia Brighton, Castle Cinema Hackney, Square Chapel Halifax, Chalmers Arbroath, National Media Museum, Watershed Bristol, Tyneside Cinema, Rich Mix Cinema, Courtyard Hereford, Gloucester Guildhall, Station Cinema Richmond, Maltings Ely and many more.

Read about the install of the Parkway Beverley Cinema (from Cinema Technology magazine)


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