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We can tailor training packages to suit you at every stage, from getting you up and running on day one, to keeping your staff up to date with best practices and the latest features over the years to come.

The AAM Academy

Our online training and documentation portal is your one-stop resource for finding out what your software is capable of, learning about its new features, and finding quick fixes when you need them.

User guides

User guides

Full documentation to help you tune your system for optimum performance and learn everything about your software, from best-practice workflows like scheduling from your POS, to specific tasks such as swapping a schedule.

Interactive lessons

Interactive lessons

Comprehensive courses including step-by-step video lessons on complete workflows and specific features.

Quick troubleshooting

Quick troubleshooting

Intuitive search across all of our documentation by product and keyword makes it easy to find solutions to common issues and get back on track quickly.

Multilingual documentation

Multilingual documentation

Our documentation is available in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish.

6 ways training can help your cinema

6 ways training can help your cinema article header

Find out how embedding training into your daily operations can help your cinema minimise errors, improve efficiency, and boost sales. 

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Digital cinema glossary

Digital cinema glossary header

Digital cinema is so full of acronyms and terms from the film, IT, and A/V industries that they can easily overwhelm new staff. Give them a head start using our glossary, which includes all of the terms and the context behind them.

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An Introduction to Digital Cinema 

An introduction to digital cinema course header

This email course is packed with photos and diagrams, and designed specifically to welcome new staff members into the cinema industry, and give anyone who is interested a taste of how the industry works and why. 

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Comprehensive online lessons on all our products

Sign in to the AAM Academy to access interactive lessons online, whenever you need them. There are walkthroughs for everything from getting familiar with the interface, to performing specific tasks and configuring your hardware integrations.
Screenwriter: Theatre Management System lesson screenshot

Screenwriter: Theatre Management System

  • Learn how to navigate through the user interface
  • Take courses that cover multiple lessons in areas like automating your scheduling
  • Refresh your knowledge of infrequent tasks like setting up new users or configuring your hardware

Producer: Enterprise Theatre Management System lesson screenshot

Producer: Enterprise Theatre Management System

  • Learn how to quickly find and identify show-stopping errors from your dashboards
  • Find out how you can drill down to specific complexes
  • Gain an overview of what your ETMS is capable of with a course covering what an estate's daily operations looks like

Lifeguard: Hardware Monitoring lesson screenshot

Lifeguard: Hardware Monitoring

  • Learn how to maximise your hardware's compatibility using advanced reporting
  • Find out how to access your devices' operating history 

AdFuser: Advertising Campaign Management lesson screenshot

AdFuser: Advertising Campaign Management

  • Get a walkthrough of building an advertising campaign from beginning to end
  • Learn about specific features like creating custom target groups, and broader subjects like what new sales strategies are available to you with AdFuser