AAM Circuit Visibility


See exactly what is happening at your cinemas, and what is playing on their screens in real-time, all from one interface.

AAM Circuit Control


Immediate access to your cinemas’ hardware, schedules, and screenings means you can manage your circuit exactly the way you want to, all from head-office.

AAM Circuit Focus


Turn cinema operations into something that happens in the background and give your cinema staff the freedom to focus on your customers.

Unlock the full potential of your cinemas

End-to-end circuit management software and support solutions
Do it once

Do it once

From head office, you can build a playlist once, then send it down to every screen server, at the push of a button. Automate your cinemas’ hardware, schedules, and screenings so your local staff can get back to connecting with local audiences.

Our enterprise TMS

Never miss a show

Never miss a show

Continuous performance, fault, and environment monitoring of every one of your screens helps guarantee your hardware is working and your content is ready on schedule, so you can keep giving your customers the best movie-going experiences.

Our hardware monitoring solution

Unlock new revenues

Unlock new revenues

Sell your own on-screen advertising inventory using advanced tools for planning, targeting, and delivering advertising better than ever. Offer advertisers access to their target audiences through your screens with the precision and reliability that they will pay for.

Our screen advertising management solution

3 steps to transforming your business

1. Finding the right solution for you

Our expert engineers will analyse your current setup and processes, tailor a solution for your cinemas, and configure it to your exact specifications.

Our method

2. Guaranteeing success

Our Customer Success team will work with you to deploy your solution to your timeframes and train your team in adapting their operations for the most efficiency.

Our customer services

3. Ongoing support

As soon as you are up and running, our comprehensive 24/7 network operations centre (NOC) can conduct remote health checks, arrange engineer visits, and make sure that your solution is always right for your cinema.

Our technical support