AAM solution Do everything better, faster

Do everything better, faster

Let your systems take care of your scheduling. They only need to be given an instruction once before they do it right, every time.

AAM solution Know your business

Know your business

Monitor every screen centrally for real-time control, and access the data you need to drive better business decisions for your future.

AAM solution Enhance your brand

Enhance your brand

Guarantee every customer a faultless experience at each and every one of your screens.

3 steps to optimising your cinema


1. Automate

The right Theatre Management System (TMS) is the key to connecting your screens to a wider ecosystem. It unlocks your hardware, your schedules, and your screenings for automation.

Cinema management solutions


2. Centralise

Connect every TMS across your entire circuit into enterprise software at head-office, and tasks that were once duplicated across every site can be done once.

Circuit management solutions


3. Optimise

Go beyond providing consistently faultless cinema-going experiences, and improve the experience itself. Gather all your data in one place at head office to inform better business decisions, highlight quick wins, and reallocate resources to valuable customer-centric areas.

End-to-end cinema content management and support solutions

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