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Centralised scheduling and content management

Producer - enterprise cinema management

AAM’s Producer manages content across an entire cinema circuit to deliver visibility and control from one central point.

Producer Features

Producer gives you:

  • Real-time monitoring of all content and playback across a circuit
  • Proactive notification of content and KDM errors
  • Visibility of all content, and tools to centralise content management at head office
  • Operational efficiencies through centralised processes
  • Powerful content management and reporting
  • Centralised and automated pre-show management
  • KDM management across all sites from head office

What Is Producer?

PRODUCER is an enterprise TMS (Theatre Management System) that works across a whole cinema circuit to manage content, centralise cinema operations and automate processes, all from head office. The software provides information from each site back to head office and gives a bird’s eye view of exactly what is happening at your cinemas.

Producer allows cinema circuits to fully enjoy the benefits of digital cinema by automating day-to-day tasks, providing early alerts to any problems, reducing human error and keeping all your cinemas running smoothly.

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Key features

Producer Hardware Support 

Producer currently supports the following hardware:

POS Systems
Producer supports a variety of POS systems; please contact us for the latest list of supported systems.


Media Players Projectors
Barco Barco
Christie Christie
Dolby IMAX
Doremi Kinoton


Key features explained:

Content Monitoring

Centralised monitoring of content anywhere across the circuit with reports for any upcoming issues.

Content Management

Manage content centrally, allowing problems to be fixed easily and giving head office control.


Never worry about KDMs again with AAM’s Locksmith. Increase control and reduce errors through Locksmith KDM technology integrated seamlessly into Producer.

Pack Management

Create, target and deliver all trailer and advertising playlists from head office for automated insertion at sites, eliminating human error and enabling dynamic programming.

Log Collection

Centralised reporting gives you visibility over all your sites. Generate accurate reports from head office, using minimal resources and time.

Live Playback

See exactly what is happening on your screens with live playback.

Playlist Automation

Fully automated playlist building under centralised head office control reduces missed shows due to errors and frees up on-site staff for customer service.

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