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Automated financial reporting and billing

Auditor - Overview

The Auditor system manages all aspects of a VPF digital cinema deployment, managing and tracking the equipment deployed in the field and assisting with VPF billing. The software has been developed in-house using AAM’s real-world experience, to take care of all the back office details of a digital cinema deployment, meaning you can get on with running your cinema.

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Key features

Key features explained:

Asset Register

Hold and maintains details of all digital cinema assets – such as equipment location, change history, warranty information and recoupment data.

Remote Data Gathering

Asset data gathered remotely, lightweight through Theatre Core.

Automatic Monitoring

Automatically keeps key attributes such as serial number, or software and firmware version, up to date. Auditor also detects equipment moves and card swaps at site and automatically tracks this.

VPF Configuration

Distributor and exhibitor VPF contracts are loaded into Auditor, and the details are used by the VPF engine during reconciliation. Auditor supports multiple VPF and theatre types, allowing for complete flexibility.

VPF Manager

VPFs are reconciled to cinema playback data using the VPF booking reports, and are output straight into an accounting package, meaning no manual keying of invoices is required.


Web-based reporting gives secure, easy access to information. Reports can be scheduled to send via email, and downloaded in a variety of formats.