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Integrated ad campaign management

AdFuser - cinema advertising management

AAM’s AdFuser takes cinema advertising to a whole new level

AdFuser Features

AdFuser gives you:

  • Advanced rules and filters for targeting cinema advertising like never before
  • Optimisation of available inventory to help increase revenue from cinema advertising
  • Automated processes to minimise errors

Plan. Target. Build. Deliver.

Every time.

AAM is a member of  SAWA, the Global Cinema Advertising Association

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Key features

Key features explained:

Inventory Management

Limited visibility of available inventory leads to missed revenue opportunities. Increase revenue by being able to see in real time what you have available to sell.

Campaign Creation

Create campaigns and manage all screens within an estate directly from AdFuser. Set dates, add media and create proposals.


AdFuser allows advertisers to target audiences like never before. Flexible, targeted advertising means greater revenue.

Building Playlists

AdFuser automates the building of advertising playlists, removing the possibility of human error that can lead to incorrect content placement, as well as saving a great deal of time.


Lack of visibility over which ads played and when leads to lack of trust from advertisers. AdFuser provides fully automated reporting, increasing accountability and reducing manual processes.

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