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Flexible finance options for all sizes of exhibitor


Arts Alliance Media offers flexible digital cinema financing options, for all size of exhibitor.  Our financing options allow us to work with exhibitors to find the best solution for them to convert to digital, whether funded by AAM or exhibitor-financed.

AAM was the first company in Europe to secure Virtual Print Fee (VPF) deals with Hollywood studios, and now has deals in place with all 6 studios to fund a digital cinema rollout of up to 7500 screens, under a VPF financing model. 

Barco Digital Cinema Leasing Program

We also offer an AAM/Barco Digital Cinema Leasing Program, which offers financing packages to interested European exhibitors of any size, and utilises AAM’s existing VPF agreements with all six Hollywood studios and nearly 100 local European distributors. Please contact us for more information.

Virtual Print Fee Model

Virtual Print Fees (VPFs) are a way of financing the conversion to digital cinema. The basic premise is that the equipment is purchased up front, either through AAM financing, or an exhibitor’s own financing, and the cost is then recouped over time through payments from distributors (who pay the majority of the cost) and exhibitors. A Virtual Print Fee is a fee paid by a distributor to a third party – the idea behind it is that the distributors save money by shipping digital, rather than 35mm prints, and so these savings are used to contribute towards the cost of the digital cinema equipment.

The third party sits between exhibitors and distributors to put the structure in place, install digital cinema equipment, monitor usage and manage the flow of VPF money.

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Why Use An Integrator?

An integrator brings specialised digital cinema knowledge, years of experience, scale benefits and speed of conversion.

  • Agreements with distributors and manufacturers already in place

  • Integrator ensures technology requirement is met, equipment meets DCI spec and performance is guaranteed

  • We take care of the administration – VPF reporting, invoicing and collection, and asset tracking and management

  • Software tools to take full advantage of new technology

  • Buying power – if you want to leverage it – AAM’s network of over 4000 screens gives us great deals on equipment


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