Screenwriter is the most powerful, flexible, and widely deployed TMS in the world.

AAM Screenwriter do everything better, faster

Do everything better, faster

AAM Screenwriter know your business

Know your business

AAM Screenwriter complete control

Complete control


The software manages content across your entire cinema to provide visibility and control over all your screens from one central point.

Save time with automated processes

Automate your pre-show advertising and trailers

Automate your pre-show

Just group your ads and trailers together and Screenwriter’s advanced targeting will make sure they are inserted into the correct showing. You can flexibly target these pre-show ‘packs’ against a range of criteria like title or time.

Automate your playlists and schedules

Automate your playlists

Standardise your shows with playlist templates, and watch your playlists practically build themselves. The placeholders you choose to put in your template are populated with content according to your targeting.

Automate your hardware

Automate your hardware

Control everything from dimming the lights, to setting the volume levels with pre-built instruction sets. Customise them for your set-up once, and they are ready to turn your screens on every time.

Integrate your TMS with your POS

Let your POS do the work

Integrate Screenwriter with your Point of Sale system and let your TMS generate all the playlists you need based on your POS schedule.

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Case study: efficiency and accuracy using Screenwriter

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6 steps to a more efficient cinema

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Proactive monitoring

Screenwriter timeline screenshot

Spend less time running between screens, and more time with your customers

Monitor at-a-glance dashboards so that you can proactively resolve any upcoming content errors with time to spare.

Screenwriter IP camera screenshot

Peace of mind

Install IP cameras in your projection booth portholes to view what is on-screen in any of your auditoriums from anywhere in your cinema.

Screenshot device status screenshot

Device status

Detailed overviews of all your screens give you centralised visibility over your devices, your content, KDM, and playback status.

Screenwriter trailer management screenshot

Protect your brand

There are no more horror trailers in front of the family feature when you can build your pre-show with specified criteria like ratings. When the playlists are built, they will recognise which packs are appropriate and insert them into the right places.

Screenwriter KDM management screenshot

Minimise your content errors

Automate your KDM management to minimise missed shows and give you complete control. KDMs are automatically ingested and then moved to the correct screen server, all while providing colour-coded alerts based on KDM status.

Complete control

Assign staff the right task at the right time

Use the timeline view to see everything that is coming up, along with how many customers you can expect in your cinema.

Get to the controls when you need them

There’s no need to rush to a projection booth when you can directly control what is happening in all of your screens from one dashboard. Stop and start playback, bring up the lights, and control the volume at the touch of a button.

Streamline manual tasks

Easily generate detailed proof of play and downloadable reports, complete with details of any differences between what has been scheduled and what has been played for head office.

Release the full potential in your cinema

Supercharge your TMS at head-office

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