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AAM Lifeguard Gain visibility

Gain visibility

AAM Lifeguard Reduce costs

Reduce costs

AAM Lifeguard Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency


Lifeguard monitors all the hardware assets across your entire cinema circuit from one central point to provide a turnkey Network Operations Centre (NOC) solution. A truly intelligent hardware monitoring solution hands you the key to optimal performance - an optimal environment.

Deliver faultless customer experiences every time

Gain a bird’s eye view over your entire circuit and use the tools at your fingertips to ensure optimal hardware performance, for faultless shows for every audience.
Instant awareness across your estate

Instant awareness across your estate

Intuitive dashboards give you at-a-glance confidence that everything is working as it should. Quickly filter through your complexes to drill down into detailed error reports for any affected screens.

Fix issues before they become problems

Fix issues before they become problems

Easily and instantly intervene with any issues that may arise across your circuit. Create, assign, and react to support tickets for your entire circuit from one central point.

Never miss a show

Never miss a show

Continuous performance, fault, and environment monitoring of the hardware in every one of your screens helps you guarantee your hardware is working, so you can keep giving your customers the best movie-going experiences.

Designed for cinemas

Designed for cinemas

AAM works with exhibitors and experienced NOC operators, as well as drawing from our own pool of ex-projectionists to optimise our monitoring solution for real-world use.

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Improve operational efficiency

Anticipate issues before they affect your shows, and deploy your support engineers where they will be most effective. Maintain continuous scans of every piece of equipment’s status so you can plan your inventory of spare parts, and gain better control over your budget.
AAM Lifeguard Complete visibility when you want it screenshot

Complete visibility when you want it

Prepare and display data the way you want, so you can quickly and easily get the information you need. Build your own reports from a variety of options such as device type, model number, or complex. Analyse the historical data to uncover trends and troubleshoot root causes to avoid similar issues in the future. Improve your efficiency by focusing your attention and efforts where they are needed.

AAM Lifeguard Maximise your device compatibility screenshot

Maximise your device compatibility

Lifeguard pulls together all your device configurations and shows you how many of your screens are using that combination. Easily filter the data and sort it by issue to see which combinations of equipment are causing problems.

AAM Lifeguard Find the sites you need screenshot

Find the sites you need

Manage your content deliveries with a quick storage space check, so you can quickly track down the sites that need to clear out their LMS before they can accept the content.

Reduce costs

Keeping your hardware fully operational minimises your costs, and proactive maintenance is more effective than repairing faults that have already developed. Keep your hardware, and your teams, running at top speed by optimising your resources and their time.

Minimise inventory overhead

With full visibility over your lamp lifespans and other hardware elements, you can dispatch replacement parts directly to sites as soon as they need them. So you can save money and space by only storing the spare parts you know you’ll need.

Optimise engineering resources

With detailed visibility on the status of your entire hardware estate you can easily and efficiently manage your resources. Avoid sending expensive field engineers out for minor issues and optimise their schedule by effectively planning travel routes and minimising wasted time.

 Optimal diagnostics for optimum results

Everything from your projector lamp hours, to temperature thresholds, to LMS storage space alerts can be configured so you can act at the appropriate time. Now you don’t need to waste time, effort and expense looking at issues that will not impact your business.

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