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Your Network Operations Centre Solution

Build your own NOC solution and monitor your auditoriums in a new, post Virtual Print Fee world.
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Stay on top of your assets with one simple tool.


Put a stop to potential show stoppers

Learn the lifespan of your assets and monitor consumables, such as bulbs and server components, to allow you to predict and diagnose issues early. 

It’s time you got to know your hardware.

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Configure to your existing hardware

There’s no add-ons or extra hardware required.

In fact, Lifeguard will seamlessly integrate with all major digital cinema systems and equipment so you can receive comprehensive operational support.


Identify the faults that matter

We understand the complexities behind finding and fixing individual issues.

That’s why, with our optional trouble ticketing module, we’ve made it even easier to prioritise and triage those issues so you can identify the shows at risk.

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Maintain a strong brand presence

Nobody wants a cancelled show. Not you. Not your customers.

Thankfully, Lifeguard has the tools to keep your cinema running smoothly. From checking your servers’ storage space to monitoring your screen’s audio, colour and luminance, staying on top of your hardware has never been easier.

Enjoy peace of mind

Lifeguard’s all-inclusive functionality is no coincidence.

Powered by Screenwriter, the world’s most powerful theatre management system, Lifeguard has been designed to industry-leading standards and is hardware and device agnostic.


Ready to maximise your hardware performance?