Your Circuit Management System

With more control and enhanced visibility, you can manage content across an entire cinema circuit from anywhere, at any time; all from a single dashboard.
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Revolutionise how you operate from head office.

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Enjoy centralised cinema management

Producer hands you the tools to control an entire network of cinemas from one location.

By automating manual routine tasks for maximum operational efficiency, you can reassign site-level staff to focus on the experience of your audiences.

Create and manage automatic playlists

checkView all titles, movie attributes, and pre-show content at every cinema.

checkCreate unique standard playlists or select an automatic playlist that suits you.

checkSchedule your custom playlists to any site at any time.

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Experience practical pre-show scheduling

Organising your pre-show plan has never been easier.

Using new, in-depth playlist segments, you can easily tailor trailers and adverts to any movie from head office, allowing smarter content selection and more time for site-level staff to spend with your customers.

Prevent show-stopping errors

We understand that show-threatening issues are often diverse and unexpected, which is why we’ve simplified how you view and action them.

By monitoring a centralised, live-task feed, you can learn of all ‘show-stoppers’, ‘disruptors’ and ‘connection problems’ across your estate whilst viewing how many shows are affected, before using the tools available to resolve those issues.


Ready to revolutionise how you operate from head office?