Free up your on-site staff with centralised scheduling and automated processes

AAM Producer real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring

AAM Producer faster scheduling

Faster scheduling

AAM Producer better data

Better data


Producer manages content across an entire cinema circuit to provide visibility and control all from head office. Centralise your cinemas' operations, automate processes, and monitor playback in real-time to gain a bird’s eye view of exactly what is happening at your cinemas.

Take charge of content management & focus on making your business a success with an Enterprise Theatre Management System

Save time with automated playlists

Save time with automated playlists

Standardise shows across your entire estate with playlist templates, and watch your playlists practically build themselves. The placeholders you choose to put in your template are populated with content according to your targeting.

Let computers do what computers do best

Let computers do what computers do best

Instead of doing admin manually at each site, you can generate detailed proof of play and downloadable reports, complete with any schedule divergence at head office.

Resolve errors before they affect shows

Resolve errors before they affect shows

Proactively monitor device connectivity and the content across your entire circuit for upcoming issues.

Stay days ahead of the schedule

Stay days ahead of the schedule

Check 48 hours ahead of time whether your screenings will play out as planned. Get the confidence that your KDMs are valid, your content is on the right servers, and there aren’t any schedule conflicts, all from one dashboard.

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Ensure the right content reaches the right screens, ready to play at the right time, all from head-office

AAM Producer trailer and ad packs screenshot

Trailer & Ad Packs

Create the pre-show from head office, target the trailers and ads to specific sites, screens, or shows and automatically distribute them to each relevant site. Maintain full visibility over any upcoming issues with the pre-show content for proactive resolution.

AAM Producer managing content dashboard screenshot

Managing Content

Centrally receive KDMs and automatically deliver them to the right screen server at all of your sites with Locksmith. The KDM solution removes the need to email individual keys to cinemas, instead allowing distributors to email all KDM’s to Locksmith, which then examines each KDM and delivers it directly to the screen servers, ready for use.

Release the full potential in your cinema

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Finding the right solution for you

Our expert engineers will analyse your current setup and processes, tailor a solution for your cinemas, and configure it to your exact specifications.

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Guaranteeing success

Our Professional Services team will work with you to deploy your solution to your timeframes and train your team in adapting their operations for the most efficiency.

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Ongoing support

As soon as you are up and running, our comprehensive 24/7 network operations centre (NOC) can conduct remote health checks, arrange engineer visits, and make sure that your solution is always right for your cinema.

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