Boost your cinema advertising performance and revenues

AAM AdFuser increase revenue

Increase revenue

AAM AdFuser reduce costs

Reduce costs

AAM AdFuser Build trust

Build trust


Intelligent cinema advertising management offers market defining tools for planning, targeting, building and delivering advertising better than ever. Offer your clients access to their customers with the precision and visibility they will pay for.

Grow your advertising revenue

Appeal to a larger pool of clients with the custom services and flexible options inherent to digital platforms, combined with the impact of the big screen. Make your inventory stand out against all others.

Reach the audiences advertisers will pay for

Reach the audiences advertisers will pay for

Offer advertisers access to the audience segments they want to reach, with easy targeting filters like film, site, screen, and date/time. Define your campaign pricing flexibly according to its targeting, allowing each progressive refinement to the reach to add value.

Create valuable advertising ad inventory segments

Create valuable inventory segments

Create your own custom targeting attributes and pricing to easily estimate costs of a campaign that, for example, targets premium screens, just within your sites in shopping malls.

Attract new brands

Attract new brands

Open up new markets which require precise targeting, like products which can only be advertised after certain times of day, or services that are only relevant on certain days of the week.

Maximise your sales

Maximise your screen advertising sales

Full visibility over your inventory and what spots you have available, so you always know exactly how much is available to sell, and where.

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Reduce time, costs, and manual errors

Cinemas are connected, digital ecosystems, and benefit from all the improvements to efficiency, control, and visibility that comes from linking the equipment in each screen together. Centralising and automating operations gives head-office confidence and sites the time to generate new value.

AdFuser centralised advertising management screenshot

Centralised advertising management

From one central point, advertisements are sent directly to each screen server and automatically inserted into show playlists at every cinema. Any campaign or media changes can be made once and sent down; there’s no need for any manual handling of individual playlists at each site.

AdFuser build and distribute playlists screenshot

Build and distribute playlists

Free up your staff’s time with automation of time-consuming processes, like building pre-show playlists, so they can spend that time generating additional business value.

AdFuser create and update campaigns screenshot

Create and update campaigns

Maintain consistency with a system that allows your entire sales team to record customer requirements through an intuitive user interface. Easily make changes anytime in the lifecycle of a campaign to optimise it to real-world data as it comes in.

AdFuser don't over deliver screenshot

Don’t over-deliver

Automatically end campaigns on time to prevent over-delivery, and to keep valuable inventory available for your next customer.

AdFuser simplify pricing screenshot

Simplify pricing

Set a base price per spot or per week, then let each additional targeting type add value. Customise as much or as little as you want, and retain manual control over individual campaign pricing.

Build trust with advertisers

Trust is key to productive client relationships, but can be eroded with avoidable human error and miscommunication. Gain full oversight over campaigns and a suite of reports that ensure your clients’ expectations are met, and their goals delivered.

Real-time campaign reports

Retrieve real-time information to give your customers assurance that their ads have played out as promised.

Minimise manual errors

Automatically build your advertisement playlists and remove the risk of human error and miscommunication that could result in incorrect or missed content placement.

Drive repeat business

Encourage customer confidence and repeat bookings with reduced lead times, a streamlined customer experience, and full visibility before, during and after their campaign runs.

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