AdFuser is specifically designed and built for digital cinema and makes cinema advertising on-screen simpler, more reliable, and more profitable. Early private demonstrations to screen advertising companies and exhibitors managing their own advertising have yielded very positive reviews.  Customers particularly benefit from the increased flexibility and automation AdFuser provides.  A fully integrated software solution also enables screen advertising companies and exhibitors to specifically target audiences and deliver advertisements in new ways previously not possible.

    AdFuser builds a real-time picture of available advertising inventory by using data from the show schedules sourced from local POS systems.  AdFuser’s billing engine can be individually tailored, with multiple rate cards that are customisable for different pricing options. Inventory can be filtered to show remaining spots that are available to be sold, meaning cinemas can fill inventory effectively to maximise profits. Advanced features allow the software to forecast admissions estimates for each show and calculate accurate CPMs.

    AdFuser targets advertising more precisely than ever before, allowing advertisers to reach any audience demographic in any location with just the click of a button. Brands can now target any combination of films, genres, audience demographics, specific shows, times, areas, local businesses and more using a simple intuitive interface. Advanced functionality will dynamically change ad copy based on external factors – for instance, using data from a weather feed to show an advert for barbecues when it is sunny and for indoor paints when it is wet.

    AdFuser uses rules and templates to build advertising playlists with the minimum of effort. Configurable rules define where the spot should go within the playlist and the system automatically builds advertising playlists once the targeting criteria are entered into the campaign. AdFuser supports multiple media for each campaign: a brand can show a different spot every week to build a story, or different ads can be programmed to play in the daytime versus the evening. Advanced features allow campaigns to also include an admissions cap that automatically pulls the advertisement when the admissions cap is reached.

    Getting ads to the right screens for playout was always a guessing game in the analogue world. Not with AdFuser.  The software automates the time-consuming and inaccurate process of creating playlists at each site. When integrated with AAM’s Producer (circuit-wide content management system), playlists are sent electronically to the right sites where they are populated with the relevant content automatically.  This process saves huge amounts of time compared to a projectionist in each site building playlists manually, and eliminates the risk of incorrect content being shown.

    Full proof-of-play reporting using playback logs means brands can be confident that their ads are playing where they should be.  When AdFuser is integrated into the cinema’s POS system advertisers can see exactly how many people saw their ad.

    Eric Stevens, Commercial Director at AAM, notes that “Digital cinema is a complete game-changer for advertising. Now advertisers can reach exactly the audience they want, whether that’s families, action movie fans on a Saturday night, or city-dwellers. AdFuser makes it incredibly easy to see which spots are available, establish the best price for each spot, and then precisely target the ads. When integrated with Producer the system really gets clever: your whole ad playlists can be built automatically at head office and distributed electronically to site where the local content is inserted into the right place ready to play, all without human intervention.”

    AdFuser can allow local advertisers access to the system so that local brands can plan and target their own advertising thus directly increasing revenue for the cinema without the need for additional sales staff overhead.

    AAM is also developing enhanced lobby and signage solutions that are fully integrated into other AAM software products including Producer (enterprise Circuit Management System), Screenwriter (Theatre Management System) and AdFuser. The lobby solution allows exhibitors to extend content management from the big screen to any screen within a cinema (or even outside the cinema).  Exhibitors can configure signage to show targeted advertisements or any variety of information including trailers, posters, concession promotions, Twitter feeds and other social media. Lobby screens can also be overlaid with real-time local information such as show times or available tickets, or automatically update displays based on film schedules.

    Arts Alliance Media will be demonstrating AdFuser and the whole digital cinema software suite at CinemaCon, booth 2809A, from 24 – 27 March.

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