In addition to deals announced earlier this week with Peru’s Cineplanet and Colombia’s Royal Films, the companies also have commitments from exhibitors across Brazil, Chile and Central America.

    The AAM/Quanta DGT VPF programme consists of agreements with major US distributors to fund the rollout of digital cinema across Latin America.

    Eric Stevens, Commercial Director of AAM, said “ShowEast this year has been a great experience for us, and we’re thrilled with the momentum that is really gathering pace for digital cinema in Latin America. The time for exhibitors to start talking about converting to digital is definitely now, and we want to help as many cinemas as possible to join our VPF programme and to ensure we address exhibitor requirements in all possible territories.”

    Exhibitors interested in discussing digital cinema with AAM and Quanta-DGT should contact Guillaume Thomine-Desmazures or Tieres Tavares:
    Guillaume Thomine-Desmazures –
    Tieres Tavares -

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