This circuit management system, called Director, interacts with playout equipment at multiple sites and directs all digital cinema operations from a central location.

    The technology behind Director enables an entire organisation to securely manage their business areas, from content delivery to programming, scheduling and operations - all from a single point with a few mouse clicks.

    Director combines content management, pre-show, scheduling and playback, providing circuit-wide real-time control and reporting. From a single application, the user can automatically manage transfers for playlist and schedule creation, ensuring that the right content is on the right server. Schedules can be managed across an entire circuit, synchronised in real time, and playback can be monitored across individual complexes and the circuit as a whole. Director also simplifies advertising and pre-show creation, with dynamic playlist updating and integration of point of sale data.

    Building on the capabilities of digital cinema technology, Director enables long term return on a cinema’s investment: integrated management of their digital circuit, operational efficiencies through centralised and automated processes, and full visibility.

    Director remains consistent with AAM’s overall approach to be open and equipment agnostic and thus not only works with AAM’s own Theatre Management System (TMS), but also with other TMS products in the market, and a wide variety of digital cinema equipment from multiple vendors.

    Rich Phillips, Arts Alliance Media’s Vice-President Engineering, said “When we looked into the marketplace and spoke to theater owners, we saw a need for a true enterprise solution for centralized circuit management. Director allows theater owners to realize the true full potential of digital and optimize their efficiency.”

    Matt Sullivan, who as VP Technology leads AAM’s software development, added “We have been trialing Director with a number of exhibitors and have had fantastic feedback. The control and flexibility Director provides for cinema operators to automate the management of their circuit is unparalleled.”

    Director will be demonstrated at AAM’s booth at ShowEast (#914), along with AAM’s TMS and Back Office VPF Management tools.

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