The deal will expand AAM's presence in cinemas throughout Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam with great potential in Myanmar as business rapidly expands in that country. AAM’s digital cinema software presence already exceeds 12,000 screens worldwide with continued rapid expansion set to propel the number to 18,000 in the coming months. The GDG partnership is expected to add over 500 screens to this total.

    The TMS, version 2.0, which will be launched this month, offers cinemas a powerful way to operate their digital screens. The software refresh encompasses one-click content and KDM management, intuitive playlist creation and scheduling, intelligent CPL selection, and automated pre-show management. Further features include comprehensive equipment monitoring and reporting, and an optional enhanced advertising module to insert ads based on playlist templates.

    For screens which operate under a VPF (Virtual Print Fee) system, GDG will utilize AAM’s custom built software which manages reconciliation of distributor and exhibitor booking reports against playout data from secure logs, to provide accurate billing. It will also use AAM’s asset management software to track the location of all assets and automatically report deployment to distributors. The asset management software integrates seamlessly with the NOC (Network Operations Centre) software, which Goldenduck will also utilize to provide a NOC service to its clients. The Network Operations Centre software provides centralized equipment monitoring and issue resolution for cinemas – 24/7 monitoring of equipment that ensures early alerts to any problems, and a trouble ticketing system that ensures problems are resolved by a support team or local integrator.

    For more than 20 years, the name of Goldenduck has been recognized as the leading cinema system integrator in Asia. GDG through its integrated companies handles complete cinema services from conception design through provision of traditional and digital equipment, operation and maintenance services, to ProAV and broadcast equipment and technical services, film digital mastering and content duplication. The Goldenduck Group operates in all 10 of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

    Howard Kiedaisch, Chief Executive Officer of Arts Alliance Media said “We’re delighted to announce our first South East Asian pact to add to our worldwide portfolio of software customers, and are thrilled to be working with Goldenduck, Asia's leading cinema equipment integrator. AAM welcomes other integrators and exhibitors from across the globe to leverage our best in class technology for their own rollouts.”


    Sittiporn Srisaguansakul, President of the Goldenduck Group added “We have been working in digital cinema in Asia since its inception and spent a lot of time and effort evaluating software from different providers: Arts Alliance Media’s stood out as being comprehensive and flexible. We look forward to working with exhibitors in South East Asia to offer these proven solutions to simplify digital cinema.”


    More information about AAM’s software offering can be found at TMS 2.0, featuring significant improvements and new features, will be officially launched at CineEurope from June 18th.


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