The independent members of the NVF have all signed up to 10 year agreements with AAM to help fund the conversion of cinemas in Holland from celluloid to digital equipment.  The major Hollywood studio members of the NVF will join the scheme through their existing vpf-agreements with AAM.

    Michael Lambrechtsen, Managing Director of the NVF said, “The Cinema Digitaal program is the only digital cinema program supported and authorised by all of the members of the NVF.  All of our distributors look forward to working with AAM and pushing forward with the conversion.” 

    Howard Kiedaisch, CEO of Arts Alliance Media, added, “The Cinema Digitaal initiative is a tremendous achievement and something the Dutch film industry should be very proud of.  Having all the local distributors on board is crucial to the success of the program.”

    The Dutch Film Distributors' Association (NVF) takes care of the interests of all of the major and Dutch independent film distributors who are members of the association. The NVF is doing so by conferring with the Dutch Cinema Exhibitors' Association (NVB), government agencies and other institutions in the entertainment industry.

    The unique Dutch digital cinema rollout is managed by Cinema Digitaal, a not-for-profit organisation formed by the Dutch Association of Film Distributors (NVF), the Association of Cinema Exhibitors (NVB), and EYE Film Institute Netherlands. Cinema Digitaal ensures support for all exhibitors during the switchover. The scheme is partly funded by the Dutch government, through a grant from PRIMA (Project Implementation ICT Agenda) and the Netherlands Film Fund (Nederlands Fonds voor de Film), and aims at digitising the majority of the country’s cinema screens. All independents and circuits, with the exception of Pathe, Euroscoop and Utopolis, are part of Cinema Digitaal.

    All the participating cinemas will have DCI-compliant digital projection equipment supplied and managed by Arts Alliance Media, which will also be upgradeable to 3D and satellite.

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