AAM’s Screenwriter TMS will be in use at the Filmkunstmesse to manage all content and scheduling at the four-screen Passage Kino venue. Screenwriter manages all content, playlist creation, scheduling and KDMs across multiple screens in a digital cinema complex, and the software features can be particularly useful for festivals, where many titles are often scheduled across multiple screens in a short space of time. Screenwriter allows playlists to be easily created and transferred between screens using a simple drag and drop interface, with the content automatically transferred to the correct screen server. Screenwriter also efficiently manages KDMs, alerting projectionists if upcoming scheduled content is missing a key, allowing time to find or request a new KDM and minimising the risk of lost shows. Screenwriter also works seamlessly with different servers in a complex, meaning operations across screens are effortless.

    As well as the Screenwriter software, Arts Alliance Media are also providing the plug-and-play Library Management Server (LMS) to store festival content. Technical support for the festival is being provided by BIG cinema GmbH.

    The companies will have a booth on the ground floor level of Passage Kino where representatives will be available to discuss all aspects of digital cinema, including financing, software products, and technical information.

    AAM and BIG cinema GmbH have previously collaborated for film festivals such as Nordische Filmtage, Berlinale and the Max Ophüls Festival, and will be supporting the upcoming DOK Leipzig event with Screenwriter for the second year running.

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