5 Reasons Cinemas Should Be Using Social Media

    Social media has revolutionised marketing across every industry. Catering to a generation of consumers who grew up plugged into the network isn’t just for technology companies anymore. As these online platforms have matured over the past decade, they have proven that engaging your customers in two-way dialogues is more than just a recommendation now; it is a survival tactic.


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    1. Offline/online interactivity

    Tying your online and offline campaigns together offers consumers the opportunity to interact with static ads they would have previously only observed. Using a hashtag on a tweet doubles the engagement rates, so on a poster, for example, it could increase the reach of that campaign far beyond the people who physically walk past it. By promoting this interactivity you not only drive your real-life customers to your online presence, but you can also attract those scrolling through your posts to actually visit your cinema.

    Traditional marketing channels (posters, brochures, advertisements) that can only attain passive consumption can easily be converted into effective media that encourages active engagement. And as we’ll see later, engagement= data= effective campaigns!


    2. Creating brand ambassadors

    Your consumers have been conditioned to interact with branded social media; they are primed to share your content and ready to get involved in your competitions. You can tap into this potential to supplement your campaigns and reach people you might not otherwise have engaged.  By driving your customers to participate in your conversations you are exponentially increasing your range to their followers, and their followers, and on and on. A loyal core of online consumers can be the difference between lucrative publicity that reaches millions and the proverbial flop.

    And these switched-on brand ambassadors are closer than you might think; 75% of people only need a reply or at most a token discount code before sharing positive experiences they have had with you.

    People still trust product recommendations from people they know above all others, so a good word from someone your customers trust and follow online is incredibly valuable. Even trust in advertising on social media has a 51% trust rate among millennials. Get the most out of both worlds by targeting the audiences who are already talking about you online.


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    3. Increasing your reach with organic marketing

    500 peopleBy holding promotions with your hashtags or featuring your branded artwork you can encourage your audiences to post content that reinforces your own marketing campaigns. For instance, EventsTag, the company behind Cinema Conversations, was approached by Ferrari to help amplify the hype around their launch party. By encouraging the 500 party goers to share their photos of the night with a Ferrari branded hashtag, Events Tag were able to capture 274 photos to display on slideshows throughout the night. 274 photos may not sound like much, but they alone generated 10,562 likes and reached 2,037,751 people across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

    Organically inserting your campaigns into other social media feeds like this is a powerful marketing tool, and the only hook Events Tag used to attract participants was the chance to see their posts up on a screen. Read more here about how they are partnering with us to bring these features to cinemas around the world!


    4. The next generation of customer care

    Customers are turning to social media more and more when looking for help from brands. But despite the millions of posts sent to brands every day, only a fraction receive a satisfactory response. You can be one of the few companies who makes the meaningful connections audiences are crying out for. Turning a negative review into a positive outcome could be as simple as replying to a message; 70% of people say they are more likely to make a purchase if they get a response.

    With just a little social media management, you can prove you value your audiences and prevent 30% of your unhappy customers switching to a competitor.


    5. Data driven success

    The key to continually improving your campaigns is understanding how your last one was received. The founding principle of social media marketing is that anything anyone has ever interacted with can be measured. In the age of big data you can drill down into how many impressions your content is making, how many times it has been shared, by which demographics, and at what time, to measure how successful it has been. You can collect customer feedback almost as soon as a campaign goes live to determine who it is exciting and why. Using these analytics to tailor content to the key influencers amongst your followers can help you get the most mileage out of your marketing. Armed with this level of insight you have all the tools you need to send out content customized to the audiences that matter most to you.

    Why is it worth it?

    Two words: customer engagement


    events tag ferrariYour customers are taking control of what they view, when, and how. When over 3.4 billion people are active on social media and 59% of the global population thinks that watching videos on their mobile devices is convenient, you need to go where your customers are. To compete with home video, cinemas need to offer exciting new experiences that make it worth getting off that sofa. Products like Cinema Conversations offer the interactive features audiences crave while driving the engagement that cinemas need to bolster their revenue streams.

    Applying all these principles in tandem will result in a dynamic social media presence that reflects what customers can expect from you offline. When you can
    connect with your audiences at that level they’ll keep coming back for more- and they’ll bring friends.


    To find out more about how Cinema Conversations can help your cinema drive customer engagement, just get in touch!



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