We're very excited to share that our London headquarters has relocated to a new media village in West London. We're joining a vibrant community including the BBC, global PR company Publicis, and countless other world-class media and technology companies in White City. 



    Kath Parsons, the lead project manager for the office design and logistics team, worked tirelessly with teams across the business to design a bright, modern office that satisfies AAM's unique requirements as a software and services company working within the cinema industry.

    "As an Agile software development organisation, our teams value flexibility, collaboration, and the space to be creative," she noted. "And as a key player in the cinema industry, we needed secure storage for the latest digital cinema technology, as well as the facilities to display key metrics from the cinemas that we support around the world. So we worked hard to break up the open-plan office with glass partitions that double as whiteboards, pair-programming rooms, and quiet meeting pods. We installed screens around the office dedicated to updating all our staff, and built a brand new engineering lab from the ground up."

    They've thought of everything: designated stand-up areas with video conferencing between our teams in London, Amsterdam and Guangzhou, meeting rooms equipped with fully DCI-compliant projectors for presentations and testing software updates, a NOC wall displaying the live status of the 40,000 cinema screens our software touches, and a state-of-the-art lab facility for our engineering team so we can maintain compatibility with the widest range of servers and projectors. 

    “We are all thrilled with our new office,” said our CEO, Patrick Foley. “It is the perfect place for our employees to flourish and our business to keep growing.”


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    The kitchen and breakout area is airy and spacious, and was designed with our active social committee in mind. There's plenty of counter space for our weekly fruit delivery, two bean-to-cup coffee machines, and the occasional pizza box. 











    There are plenty of collaborative working spaces around the office too for all those informal chats, cross-functional stand-ups, and opportunities for teaming up to tackle the latest challenge.


    How to find us

    Arts Alliance Media
    The WestWorks, White City Place
    195 Wood Lane
    W12 7FQ

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