At last year's CinemaCon we unveiled Thunderstorm- the first online marketplace designed specifically to give cinemas access to innovative new services. This year, on booth 217F, we are excited to be demonstrating how these services, along with our core software, fit together to help you build a smarter cinema.


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    Getting the foundations right

    A good Theatre Management System (TMS) manages a cinema's content, KDMs, and scheduling. A smarter TMS is the brains of your cinema; letting your staff get out of the projection booth and back out in front of customers. 

    A smarter TMS helps eliminate human error, prevent mistakes and make sure content plays as intended. In a world where we’re seeing an explosion of different versions of content, TMSs are evolving to automatically target the right versions to the right screens.

    A smarter TMS provides possibilities beyond one single site by connecting your screens to a wider ecosystem. It is the key to unlocking a smarter cinema.

    Schedule your personalised tour of Screenwriter at CinemaCon to find out why it is the world’s leading TMS, managing over 25,000 cinema screens.


    Multiplying the benefits

    Tasks that used to be done at each site level TMS can instead be done once at head office with enterprise software. Monitoring equipment and content across an entire estate? Check. Pinpointing errors before they affect shows? Check. Centralised building and targeting of pre-show content? Check.


    Adding value

    Cinemas and screen advertising companies (SACs) work closely to deliver campaigns from brands onto screens, but there’s a perception that cinema doesn’t offer enough targeting or visibility. However, solutions available today enable precision targeting, detailed reports, and interactive pre-shows that are too good to miss. A smarter cinema can use these to make your advertising spots more valuable and re-shape advertisers' relationships with your entire industry.


    Upgrading every experience

    You have probably already updated your auditoriums, but have you also considered what first impressions you are leaving? Cinema lobbies have the power to attract audiences and drive repeat visits with everything from social media displays and automated lobby screen management, to personalised marketing and service with Wi-Fi-powered CRM. 


    A smarter cinema lets you focus on what really matters: your customers

    A smarter cinema lets software automate your routine operational tasks so that staff can be deployed where they make the most difference. Whether it’s removing human error and saving time with a great TMS, centralising operations with enterprise software, or adding new services that enable a more personalised, interactive experience, the potential to make your cinema smarter exists – come and see us at CinemaCon to find out more.

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