Have you ever wondered how cinemas get the picture onto the big screen? Or how surround sound systems create the immersive audio that, well, surrounds you?

    If you’ve been dying to see the insides of a projector, or can never remember the difference between resolution and aspect ratio, we have good news for you! Our new Introduction to Digital Cinema course will familiarise you with everything in a projection booth and help you master acronyms.

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    Packed with photos and diagrams, we’ve designed this course specifically to welcome new staff members into the cinema industry, and give anyone who is interested a taste of how the industry works and why. 

    Digital cinema basics course

    Course outline

    • Explore what running a projection booth was like in the heyday of 35mm, and some of the reasons that cinemas moved to using digital projectors.
    • Learn how the industry managed the digital conversion of over 90% of the screens in the world, and how they maintained high standards of projection across all of those screens.
    • Once the director has had their last say, and the editor has made their final cut, how is a film prepared for general release on the big screen?
    • Find out what all the hardware in a modern projection booth does, how it is all connected, and the software that controls it all behind the scenes. Then learn how digital projectors turn the data on a hard drive into the pixels on the screen.
    • Industries bursting with technology are also full of jargon, and digital cinema is no different. Cut through the acronyms to gain a solid understanding of the processes that power digital cinemas.
    • Ground all the theory with practical tips on how to troubleshoot common operational issues, and top it all off with a look at some of the technologies that might revolutionise cinemas once again in the future.

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