As many industries will testify, just because they are relatively new, doesn't mean they don't have their fair share of jargon.

    Digital cinema, though only just over a decade old, is no different. Acronyms abound and the convergence of terms it has picked up from the film, IT, and A/V industries can easily overwhelm the uninitiated. Researching these terms can result in even more confusion because they will often be defined without the context that explains why they are important to cinema.

    Look up HD SDI online, for example, and you can read all about how 'Serial Digital Interfaces' work, and how many Gbit per second they can transfer, but it takes a little digging to realise that they are just a type of cable that some projectors with separate screen servers use to connect the two. 

    Veterans of the industry can provide these quick insights, but with more newcomers (in terms of both staff and new technology) joining every year, it would be useful to have a central repository that could be kept up to date.

    That's why we created our digital cinema glossary.

    Click here for your free digital cinema glossary and learn the A-Z of the technology and processes that power the industry

    It is packed with the terminology used to describe the equipment and processes you might find in the projection booth, in the wider industry and on-screen.

    Scan through it to get a firmer grasp on technical terms, gain an understanding over who all the industry players are and what their responsibilities are, and learn how to explain it all in plain English.  


    Are we missing any terms? Let us know in the comments below!


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