3 steps to a Smarter Cinema- at CineEurope

The Smarter Cinema is coming to Barcelona. Between the 19th and 22nd of June we’ll be at CineEurope on booth 601, showing you how letting software be the brains behind your operations lets your staff get back to being your cinema’s soul.  

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Step one: Get the foundations right

A smarter Theatre Management System (TMS) streamlines the day-to-day and automates the manual efforts. But it can go far beyond helping a single site, it can help an entire cinema chain by connecting screens to head office.


Step two: Unlock Smarter Cinemas

With every TMS across the entire estate feeding into enterprise software at head office, tasks that were once duplicated across every site can be done once. The Smarter Cinema allows benefits to flow both ways; as the features in its TMSs power head office, head office can in turn pass down the benefits of centralisation and automation.

Speed and accuracy can cascade down until sites save hours of effort building playlists and resolving errors, and can spend those hours engaging with their audiences instead. And head office gains visibility and control over their estate, so they can always be sure that every site runs exactly as they want it to.


Step three: Add value

But a Smarter Cinema goes beyond simply providing consistently faultless customer experiences, and improves the experiences themselves. Whether through enhanced entertainment options like social media displays in the lobby and interactive pre-shows, or targeted marketing on the big screen, the lobby screen, and the mobile screen, technology can help provide the personal touch.


A Smarter Cinema lets you focus on what really matters; your customers

A Smarter Cinema lets computers do what they do best, so your people can do what they do best; connect with others. Automate your routine operational tasks and send your staff where they make the most difference; in front of your customers.

Whether it’s removing human error and saving time with a smarter TMS, centralising operations with enterprise software, or adding new services that create more personalised, interactive experiences, the potential to make your cinema smarter exists – come and see us at CineEurope to find out more.


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