1 June 2017

3 steps to a Smarter Cinema- at CineEurope

The Smarter Cinema is coming to Barcelona. Between the 19th and 22nd of June we’ll be at CineEurope on booth 601, showing you how letting software be the brains behind your operations lets your staff get back to being your cinema’s soul.  

30 May 2017

6 steps to a more efficient cinema

If you run a cinema, you want to spend your time on things that make a difference to your customers. Ensuring the highest quality projection, giving them outstanding customer service, and creating a unique movie-going experience that will make them come back again and again. What you probably don’t want to waste time on are the mundane behind the scenes tasks that could be automated anyway.

16 May 2017

A quick guide to SMPTE DCP

Back in 2015, AAM CTO Rich Phillips talked to Cinema Technology magazine about the upcoming changes to DCPs. Now that we are well into transitioning over to SMPTE DCPs, we thought we might repost their conversation on the difference this new technology will make to many cinemas' day to day operations.

8 May 2017

Why cinemas should centralise more operations

When businesses are deciding whether to centralise a process or role, they assess whether centralising will add significant value, or significantly reduce their costs. Usually, this results in performing back office operations like accounting and HR once at head office, instead of multiple times by different local teams- saving time and money.

25 April 2017

The software behind the cinema

From the moment you step through the door at a cinema, you are probably looking at something that software helped to make possible. Digital menu signs that flick through the latest popcorn offers, the list of show times on ticket machines, and even the air conditioning are all run by software in many cinemas around the world. If you have ever wondered about what technology powers digital...

3 April 2017

Troubleshoot your content transfer errors

During the course of your cinema’s daily operations you can easily send terabytes of content between your screens every week. In addition to the KDM errors we covered previously, there are some issues that can crop up during routine content transfers that can threaten your screenings.

1 March 2017

The smarter cinema - AAM at CinemaCon

At last year's CinemaCon we unveiled Thunderstorm- the first online marketplace designed specifically to give cinemas access to innovative new services. This year, on booth 217F, we are excited to be demonstrating how these services, along with our core software, fit together to help you build a smarter cinema.

16 February 2017

How does a KDM work, and how can it go wrong?

Although some aspects of running a cinema have gotten simpler over the years, fixing some issues has come to require a higher level of technical know-how. The digital half of 'digital cinema' might seem daunting, but the principles that govern whether a piece of content is going to play back successfully are simple enough once you understand them. That's why we created our guide to...

24 January 2017

Keeping your cinema ahead of the curve

Audiences are evolving, and cinemas should be evolving with them. Faced with customers used to a fast-paced digital world, what can cinemas do to keep up with their audiences?

20 January 2017

Take the stress out of your film festival: a free guide

Film festivals – the glamour, the awards, the premieres, the parties…. At least that’s the exciting side that festival-goers and the media get to see. Behind the scenes there’s another world, with projection staff, cinema managers and festival organisers working flat-out to ensure seamless performances. No matter how much experience cinemas have, film festivals bring a whole new set of...

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