Our mission

AAM Mission to simplify the complex

To simplify the complex

We want to make running cinemas as simple as possible, so exhibitors can get back to running their businesses.
AAM Mission to enable innovation

To enable innovation

We want to furnish exhibitors with the data, resources, and capacity to try new things, and know when they're working.

AAM mission to think forward

To think forward

We want to unlock exhibitors' technology for automation and integration, so they can keep growing.

We want to give exhibitors the flexibility and freedom to focus on their audiences.

A brief history of Arts Alliance Media

  • 2003 Founded


    Thomas Hoegh, together with his venture capitalist firm, Arts Alliance Ventures, founded Arts Alliance Media.

  • 2005 - First nationwide rollout


    AAM began the first ever nationwide digital cinema rollout, replacing 35mm projectors with digital versions for the UK’s Digital Screen Network.

  • 2006 - founding investor in Lovefilm


    AAM became a founding investor in Lovefilm and PictureHouse Cinemas, now sold to Amazon and Cineworld respectively.

  • 2007 - launch of Theatre Management System


    AAM negotiated and secured digital cinema financing with the Hollywood studios.

    AAM also launched our first Theatre Management System, to help digital cinemas schedule their screenings.

  • 2008 - First VPF rollout


    AAM completed the first ever VPF (Virtual Print Fee) rollout in Europe for French Cinema chain, CGR.

  • 2014 - strategic partnership with Wanda CinemaLine


    AAM's content mastering and event cinema departments were spun into their own businesses.

    AAM became strategic business partners with Wanda CinemaLine, now the world’s largest exhibitor.

  • 2015 - Launch of Thunderstorm


    AAM launched Thunderstorm, the world’s first app store for cinemas. 

  • 2017 - Aquired by Luxin-Rio


    AAM was wholly acquired by Chinese cinema technology solutions company Luxin-Rio.

Working at AAM

Working at AAM means helping to build the future of the cinema industry. Whether it's developing cutting-edge software to put movies on screens, new apps for cinemas, or managing roll-outs to thousands of screens all over the world- we do it all.

Our AAM-ers are at the heart of our strategy and success. We want to hire people who are excited about working on projects that are cutting-edge, interesting and challenging, and who can contribute to our company culture and values.


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