Screenwriter - Overview

AAM's Screenwriter is the most powerful, flexible and widely deployed cinema Theatre Management System (TMS)

Screenwriter gives you:

  • Control of all screens from a single easy-to-use interface
  • Automation of time consuming and error prone tasks
  • Seamless integration with the widest range of projectors, servers, POS systems and other devices
  • A central hub for content and KDM management
  • Intuitive drag and drop playlist management and scheduling
  • Centralised monitoring of all operations and proactive warning of potential issues

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Screenwriter currently supports the following hardware:

POS Systems:
Screenwriter supports a variety of POS systems; please contact us for the latest list of supported systems

Media Player Support Projectors
Barco Barco
Christie Christie
Dolby Cinemeccanica
Doremi Kinoton


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Key features explained:

Centralised Visibility
At a glance view of what is happening across your whole complex on one page, so staff don’t need to be in the projection booth and can spend more time with customers
Content Management
Manage content across all of your media and servers with complete flexibility, with full visibility of the information you need.
Playlists and Scheduling
Centralise and automate playlists and scheduling, saving time and reducing missed shows as a result of human error, as well as freeing up staff time to spend with customers.
KDM Management
Automate KDM management to minimise missed shows and give you complete control.
Screenwriter Plus: Automated Pre-Show
Use placeholders and packs to automate the insertion of advertising and trailer content according to flexible rules
Screenwriter Plus: Intelligent CPL Selection
Recognise different audio formats, 2D/3D, HI/VI, HFR etc. versions and target the correct version automatically to the right screen or POS session,
Screenwriter Plus: Templated Playlists
Use Screenwriter Plus’s powerful show playlist templating feature to completely automate the creation of playlists with dynamic insertion of all content and cues.
Screenwriter Plus: Playback Reporting
Powerful playback data gives you accurate and fast reports from all your screens.

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