Screenwriter - Overview

AAM’s Theatre Management System – Screenwriter – is designed to unlock the real benefits of digital cinema.

Screenwriter gives you:

  • Automation of time-consuming digital cinema processes
  • Control of all screens from a single easy-to-use interface
  • Simple integration with the widest possible set of screen servers and POS systems
  • A central hub for content and KDM management
  • Intuitive playlist creation and easy complex-wide scheduling
  • Centralised and proactive monitoring of screen equipment

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introducing MOBILE

Arts Alliance Media’s market-leading TMS, Screenwriter, is now available as a mobile companion app so you can monitor your cinema from anywhere.

The Screenwriter app gives you maximum efficiency and flexibility by letting you address any issues before they become missed shows.

Notifications and proactive alerts are sent straight to your device so you can take immediate action.

The Timeline View and Events Queue show you exactly what’s coming up in your theater so you can more easily plan operational tasks.

Screenwriter currently supports the following hardware:


POS Systems:
Screenwriter supports a variety of POS systems; please contact us for the latest list of supported systems

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Key features explained:

Accessible information allows flexible use of staff
Accessing information from one central point means staff no longer need to be in the projection booth and can spend more time with customers. Monitor and control all screens from any web browser, view real time status information and any warnings, to allow you to fix problems early.
Improve scheduling to save time & reduce errors
Screenwriter uses data from the POS system to ensure program schedules are always aligned, saving time and reducing errors by highlighting any discrepancies.
Automate tasks to free staff time for customer service
Creating playlists is time consuming and mistakes can lead to lost shows. Automating these tasks reduces errors and means staff can be with customers.
Flexible content management maximises revenue, reduces errors
Manage content and KDMs automatically to move content across screens easily to take advantage of changing circumstances
Automate CPL selection for greater efficiency & fewer errors
Selecting the wrong CPL can mean missed shows - Screenwriter Plus automaticallly selects the right version to suit each screen
Comply with distributor contracts easily
Screenwriter Plus validates playback logs against SMPTE data for greater accuracy, and continue to collect logs even if TMS is disconnected
Automate pre-show with templates & packs
With content templates and packs to insert content automatically there's no need for repetitive playlist building
Increased visibility with IP cameras
Free staff from projection booth by enabling them to see inside the auditorium from any location via IP camera, ideal for boothless operations
Enhanced templates for advertising automation
Automating the process eliminates errors in playing incorrect trailers or ads, saves time and increases compliance.

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