Producer - Overview

AAM’s Producer delivers visibility and control across the entire cinema circuit to unlock the full potential of digital cinema

Producer gives you:

• Control of your entire circuit from one central point
• Operational efficiencies through centralised processes
• Powerful content management and reporting
• Centralised and automated pre-show management
• KDM management across all sites from head office
• Real time updates to Trusted Device Lists
• Flexible targeting and scheduling of pre-show content

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Producer currently supports the following hardware:

Servers Projectors
Barco Barco
Christie Christie
Dolby Kinoton
Doremi IMAX
Qube Sony


POS Systems:
Producer supports a variety of POS systems; please contact us for the latest list of supported systems


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Key features explained:

Removing manual tasks at sites saves time & eliminates errors
Centralising tasks at head office reduces human error and provides visibility over content and KDMs across the circuit, allowing problems to be highlighted and fixed early.
Visibility of information gives improved control & confidence
Producer gives you the ability to view all content across your entire circuit in one place. Seeing data and error warnings from all sites allows problems to be addressed early and fixed before shows are lost.
Remote content & KDM management
View and manage content at each location and upload KDMs centrally to distribute electronically to sites.
Real time data & monitoring of all screens
See real time information on playlist & schedule status and have central visibility of any issues threatening shows (e.g. missing KDMs or content).
Playback and audit reporting & analysis
POS & playback log reconciliation makes compliance with VPF, ad agency and distributor contracts easier and more accurate. View and download logs in an easy-to-read format.
Centralised pre-show management
Playing incorrect content can damage relations with advertisers and distributors. Producer reduces the possibility of mistakes which damage your brand.
Centralised playlist creation & distribution to sites
Minimise time required at site to build pre-show playlists, freeing up staff for customer-facing duties. Automated pack insertion reduces mistakes in creating playlists.
Full reporting on ad packs increases control & reliability
Producer features full reporting on ad pack delivery and playback log reporting for proof of play – audit trail increases your control and reliability for advertisers and distributors.
Automatic TDL (Trusted Device List) management
Device information is automatically populated into TDL feed in real time, eliminating the need to manually tell distributors and labs that equipment has changed, making KDM distribution more accurate.