Producer - Overview

For multi-site exhibitors, digital cinema management across a whole circuit can lack visibility and control. Producer works across all your sites to harness the potential of digital cinema, making running and controlling your entire chain from one central point simple and intuitive.

Producer brings long term return on your investment: integrated management of your digital circuit, operational efficiencies through centralised and automated processes, and full visibility.

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Key features explained:

Circuit information
Producer gives you instant access to all your cinemas’ information all in one place, with live playback monitoring of individual complexes in a circuit providing complete visibility over what is happening at each site, allowing you to instantly monitor and analyse statistics of content playback for the entire circuit.
Centralised content management
Producer gives you the ability to view all content across your entire circuit in one place. With Producer you can search for and view any piece of content across your circuit, and manage transfers for playlist and schedule creation, so you can be sure you always have the right content on the right server – wherever the server may be.
Advertising and pre-show
Advertising and trailer pre-show can be created centrally and distributed to each site, with flexible template creation and pack management meaning preshow content is easily managed. Producer also displays reports on the ad pack delivery, so you can see what has been successfully delivered, and what hasn’t.
Title management
Keep your circuit’s content organised from one central place by combining multiple versions of releases and trailers under one master title, with drag and drop merging.
Enhanced control
Processes which were previously handled by individual sites can now be centralised and managed from one head office, giving you complete control and visibility over each cinema, no matter how remote.
As well as real-time monitoring of sites, Producer gives you powerful reporting data. Aggregating results from many sites simply and quickly, Producer gives you the information you need to enhances your business decisions.