Locksmith - Overview

Locksmith is a system to manage collection and distribution of digital cinema keys (KDMs) from distributors directly to digital cinema screen servers.

Locksmith removes the need to email individual keys to cinemas, instead allowing distributors to upload all KDMs to Locksmith, which then examines each KDM, calculates which screen it relates to, and delivers it directly to the screen server, ready for use.

Comprehensive reporting allows exhibitors to see which KDMs have been successfully delivered and ingested, and which haven’t.

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Delivery direct to screen servers
Locksmith sends keys directly to the digital cinema screen servers for which they are targeted, allowing DCPs to play out seamlessly without the need for an individual to collect and transfer KDMs.

Easy and fast uploading of KDMs
Distributors can upload individual keys, a zipped key file, or an SMPTE-compliant key bundle directly to Locksmith via email, or through an intuitive web interface, and can also scan nominated email inboxes for attachments containing KDMs. Locksmith also provides an API that distributors and labs can integrate with.

Alerts for upcoming shows
If an exhibitor schedules shows via AAM’s Theatre Management System (Screenwriter) or eTMS (Producer) Locksmith will examine each scheduled upcoming show and alert you if any are missing KDMs.

Proactive alerts via email and phone
Locksmith provides KDM alerting to you wherever you are, and whenever you need it, allowing you to fix any issues before any shows are lost.

Accessible from anywhere
Locksmith is a secure, web-based service, meaning you can access it from anywhere and at any time. Available globally, Locksmith also has multi-lingual support and is optimized for mobile devices.

TKR compliant delivery is supported.

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