Locksmith - Overview

Never Worry About KDMs Again

Missing KDMs can lead to lost shows and disappointed customers. Wouldn't it be better if KDMs just worked without you having to do anything?

Arts Alliance Media's Locksmith automates the entire KDM process with detailed reporting and proactive alerts for any issues. All without you having to think about it. 

The problem with KDMs

The current process of KDM delivery and management is haphazard and error-prone, often leading to missed shows which anger customers and damage your cinema's brand.

Typically KDMs are emailed to individual sites or sent on physical drives, with little feedback as to whether a KDM is valid or has successfully been used for playback.

Locksmith is the answer

Locksmith automates the entire KDM process - saving time and reducing the chance of errors so that KDMs just work.

Locksmith removes the need to email individual keys to cinemas, instead allowing distributors to email all KDMs to Locksmith, which then examines each KDM, calculates which screen it relates to, and delivers it directly to the screen server, ready for use.

Comprehensive reporting allows exhibitors to see which KDMs have been successfully delivered and ingested, and which haven’t. The web-based interface allows exhibitors to check on the status of KDMs from anywhere, at any time, with proactive alerts to any errors.

Replacement KDMs can be requested at any time from Locksmith, giving exhibitors more control

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