Lifeguard - Overview

AAM’s Lifeguard monitors all hardware assets across
a cinema circuit and includes trouble ticketing for efficient
diagnostics and problem resolution

Lifeguard gives you:

  • Total monitoring of all digital cinema hardware
  • Intuitive configuration and integration with any network device
  • Proactive fault diagnosis and resolution
  • Automatic email and SMS alerts
  • Centralised identification and prioritisation of issues with advanced trouble ticketing functionality

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Lifeguard currently supports the following hardware:

Servers Projectors
Barco Barco
Christie Christie
Dolby IMAX
Doremi Kinoton
Qube Sony


POS Systems:
Lifeguard supports a variety of POS systems; please contact us for the latest list of supported systems

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Key features explained:

Real time monitoring & alerts mean proactive fixes & fewer missed shows
An undetected error can cause missed shows and unhappy customers. With Lifeguard you are alerted to errors anywhere across the estate, so problems can be noticed and fixed early.
Asset visibility across the cinema estate provides improved control
Automatically tracking every piece of equipment reduces missed shows due to out of date information.
Centralised information enables better decision making
See how each piece of equipment across the circuit performs so you can ensure you have the most reliable setup.
Lower maintenance & operational costs with remote diagnosis
Diagnosing and resolving problems remotely saves money on engineer visits aswell as providing quicker fixes so that shows aren’t lost.
Prioritise & track major issues with trouble-ticketing
Trouble ticketing allows potential show-stopping faults to be addressed and fixed as priorities, ensuring shows keep running.
Report transparency ensures compliance & confidence in operations
Tracking problems against SLAs ensures compliance with distributor contracts, protecting your brand reputation with minimal effort.